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if 100 g of iron were reacted with 100 g of oxygen according to the reaction below, the maximum yield in grams of Fe2O3 would be:

chemistry urgent - bobpursley, Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 4:20pm
Balance the equation. Note the coefficents on Fe and O2, that is the mole ratio.

calcuate how many moles of Fe, and O2 you have.

Which is the limiting reactant.

For instance, if the coefficents were 45Fe+ 34O2, the mole ratio of O2 to Fe is 34/45

If you had 2.3 moles of Fe, and 3.2 moles of O2, your mole ratio of O2 to Fe would be 3.2/2.3, significantly greater than the coefficents of needed moles. Well, if you have more, that means you have too much O2, so you limiting reageant would be Fe.

Finally, figure out how much product you get with your limiting reageant.

Dear Bobberley,
I'm still don't get it yet. Please help

4 Fe + 3 O2 -> 2 Fe2O3

a. 143
b. 260
c. 333.7
d. 200
e. none of these

  1. DrBob222

    You need to learn to do these so I don't intend to do this for you. However, if you follow the steps in the link I gave you (or if you follow Bob Pursley's instructions) you should get where you want to go.
    Post any steps you don't understand with your work. We can help you through but only after we know what you don't understand WITH THE WORK.

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