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8th grade math

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Julianne plans to take advantage of the after Thanksgiving sale to purchase the portable DVD player she wants. She finds it on sale at two different stores at the local mall. J-Mart advertises the DVD player for $48.00, while Better Buy has the same model on sale for 20% off the original price, plus their ad includes a $5 off coupon. If the original price for the portable DVD player at each store is $69.99, at which store will Julianne pay the least amount of money to purchase it during the after Thanksgiving sale?


At J-Mart a portable DVD player carrying case and set of headphones regularly sell for $34.99 and $29.99, respectively. Julianne notices that the carrying case has been drastically reduced. It is on sale for 70% off, and the price of the headphones has been reduced to $18.99 during the after Thanksgiving sale. Based on this information and the previous problem, what is the total combined percent of savings for all three items, if Julianne decides to purchase the portable DVD player, headphones and carrying case from J-Mart during the after Thanksgiving sale? Express your answer to the nearest whole percent.

  • 8th grade math -

    69.99 - .2(69.99) - 5 = ? Is that more or less than $49?

    Insufficient data. You give no indication of the price of the DVD player itself.

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