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Please tell me if these are right?

A mixture of oxygen and helium is prepared for a scuba diver that will descend to 125 feet below the ocean surface. At that depth the diver breathes a gas mixture that has a total pressure of 8atm. If the particle pressure of the oxygen in the tank at that depth is 1010 mmHg, what is the particle pressure of the helium?
I got 6.67 atm, 7atm in S.F.

Calculate the pressure, in atmospheres of 2.00 moles of helium gas in a 10.0 Liter container at 27 digress C.

I got 4.93 atm.

thank you!

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    6.67 atm for partial (note spelling) pressure He is right. I don't know what 7 atm S. F. means.

    For the second one, I obtained 4.9236 which I would round to 4.92 atm.

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    I see now. 6.67 atm He partial pressure rounds to 7 atm for 1 significant figure.

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