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The path of a cliff diver as he dives into a lake is given by the equation
y= -(x-10)^2+75, where y meters is the divers height above the water and x meters is the horizontal distance travelled by the diver. What is the maximum hight the diver is above water?

How can I find this answer?

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    y = -(x - 10)^2 + 75.
    y = a(x - h)^2 + k.

    The above Eqs represent a parabola in
    Vertex Form.

    Since "a" is neg., the parabola opens downward and the vertex is the maximum
    point on the curve.

    The coordinates of the vertex are:
    V(h , k) = V(10 , 75).

    Max ht = k = 75 meters.

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