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I'm doing a song about Italian Immigration from the 1800's for a project nd I'm kind of stuck. Can someone help me out? What I have is this: Hey fratello, wish me luck
Hey sorella, I’m awestruck
Hey there Nonno, I’m earning bucks
In the land of bountiful America

With a job~, in the land of opportunity
A wonderful world can be seen
With our boots~
Let's make a toast to the machine!
It’s great working here in America

Mi dispiace, I couldn’t stay
High taxes were in my way
And I had insufficient funds to pay
So I came to the land of America

Our homeland could no longer be tilled
And it was to overfilled
And even though I could be killed
I come to the land of America

So like a bird~ of passage I migrate to the west
And I arrive to Ellis Island finally
I see lady liberty
And I shed tears of joy, for being here in America

I don't really have a beat for it, I'm just gonna try and make one up for it.

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