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Draw the condensed structural formula for the products of the acid hydrolysis of the following amide with HCl:

CH3-CH2-C(=O)-NH2 + H2O + HCl --->

I'm afraid I don't even know where to begin with this one, help!

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    Hi Lindsay,

    Alright, to begin with, since this is an organic compound, we identify the functional group. [-C(=O)-NH- means its an amide]

    So when you hydrolyse an amide, you are breaking the (amide) bond between C=O and N-H, and you add water because its a hydrolysis (OH- goes to the C=O, H+ goes to the N-H)

    Hence, you get CH3-CH2-C(=O)OH + NH3.

    Now, since the medium is acidic, and NH3 is basic, they will react to produce NH4+.

    So you get CH3-CH2-C(=O)-NH2 + H2O + HCl --> CH3-CH2-C(=O)OH + NH4+Cl- [Check that the equation is balanced --> The Cl- goes to NH4+ to balance the equation.]

    Hope I helped! (:


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    Thanks a lot, J!

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    I believe amides hydrolyze to the acid and NH3
    CH3CH2COOH + NH3

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