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Please correct my sentence english is not my native language and I don't feel comfortable to turn in. Also my Summary and Anecdote. Thank u very much!
She lives in land that almost has the same climate in the desert. Starvation is not something new to her as she suffers it daily. Moving away from home to another town is not new to her as show runs away from the gown shots that took her family way.

Impatiently she waits and fancies to be in a country with no civil war and their citizen endure nothing but a peace.

All of the sudden she sees a foreign ships coming to her country’s seas, fishing illegally and dumping toxic wastes.

Due to dumping toxic she begins to suffer from skin radiation, her aunt bores malformed babies and her uncle is jobless because of overfishing. Now young girls hope is gone, perished with the wind.

She sits and says “Why would they bring corruption to my country, its already corrupted. And she wonders why her uncle is all of the sudden famous across the globe.

One of the most top controversial topics in the world, especially in the west is Somali pirates hijacking European ships that go to Somali coast. They captured the world’s attention by threading and capturing any European ships they see nearby the Somali. The world’s government decided to declare war on the Somali pirates.

Justice is not being severed in the case of the Somali pirates and truth is being hindered from others about the Somali pirates and how they emerged to be in the beginning.

Around 1991, The Somali government collapsed and ever since then Somali became of the most corrupted country in the world. The Somali also suffered from starvation then and now.

In the view of this surreptitiously, some western ships started to come to the Somali coastline and fish illegally. When it is overfished, it really affects the lives of the Somali people since they depend on selling the fishes in order to support their families.

Due to this issue, Somali people complained especially the fishermen to the United Nations but they didn’t receive any replies from the United Nations.

Since the coastline of Somali is rich in tuna, still the Western ships sought its opportunity especially the Spanish ships selling seafood and taking out lobsters, shrimps.

At one time, the Somali pirates seized the Spanish tuna fishing boat Alakran which was thought to fish illegally. According to news.bbc a Daybad, Somali pirates said,”We’ve had no government for 18 years. We have no life. Our last resource is the sea and the foreign trawlers are plundering our fish.”

By year Somali loses 94 million dollars to illegal fishing and on annual basis there have been 700 to 1,000 boats fishing illegally. Ahmedou Ould-Abdullah said, “Because there is no effective government in Somali, there is so much irregular fishing from European and Asian countries.” The UN representative for Somali.

Top of that, Westerns started to dump nuclear waste in the Somali seas. Dumping vast barrels into the Somali seas made the Somali people suffer more than they were only suffering.

Since medication is too expensive and people can’t afford it, More than 300 Somalis died, thousands suffered from unusual skin radiation, and malformed babies. This indeed is unfair and uncalled for.

Why would anyone go to another country that is already corrupted, its people are in the devastation periods of their lives and bring distraction into their lives? Over 3.2 million Somalis are in desperate need of aid and 25 percent of the Somali children die under the age of five years old. This is doubtlessly injustice to shorten those kids’ lives by dumping toxic wastes on the environment they live in. The UN has described the level of human suffering and deprivation in Somali as “shocking” yet the UN decided to not pay attention when the fishermen called their attention to the injustice of the European and Asia ships.

Instead of exposing the Europeans piracy in terms of illegal fishing and dumping toxic wastes on the Somali waters, the UN decides to send forces to Somali to defend the Somali pirates. The Somali pirates are greatly misunderstand in the Western world, fortunately only those that posses powerful and few individuals know how the Somali pirates emerged.
The local fishermen became angry when they saw what the western people were doing to their people and to their waters. Abdirahman Ibbi, said that. “Estimated 220 foreign owned vessels were still engaged in unlicensed and illegal fishing in Somali waters, most of them European origin. A deputy prime minister and minister of fishier and the new Somali national unity government.

For the betterment of their country and its people, the fishermen’s developed clique and began to defend and guard the coastline of Somali. They started gather onto small speedboats and capture any western ships that go to Somali coastline without permission and demand money in order to free them.

Half of the money they get goes to cleaning the toxic wastes. Nevertheless, this should not give justification to the Somali pirates to hijack any ships that they see; however, the European ships had no right to go to another country and dump its toxic wastes in order to profit and not care about the consequences of their actions.

Before hand, the Somali pirates were ordinary men who sold fishes for living, they wanted to save their environment from dumpers and dissuade the ships from taking the seafood’s. Abdulla said, “There is no doubt that there is illegal fishing by the Asia and Europe. During meeting with command of the EU’s Atalanta mission in Mombassa, Kenya.

These acts should not continue and should be stopped immediately. Not only the Somali people and the Somali waters are being affected but also the world’s water is being poised.

A worldwide aid is needed as soon as possible to stop dumping toxic on waters and endangering others in order to profit. Surely radioactive waste will harm the lives of individuals, poison the seafood’s.

A great lesson from this is the Somali people; it had a huge impact on their lives and their lives are changed forever. Babies will be forever malformed, people are enduring skin radiation and the died ones will never return to their families nor to their homes.

  • english -

    ...in a land.....as the desert
    ???show runs away from the gown shots??? = she runs away...from the shots (sorry, I can't figure out what you need.....away

    and where their citizens endure nothing but peace

    All of a sudden, she sees foreign ships...

    dumping toxic waste.....aunt bears...young girls' hope...

    to my country;it's.....all of a sudden...

    the Somali coast...threading OR threatening...

    not severed BUT served...they emerged in the beginning...

    became the most corrupted...

    In view of this, some western ships started surreptitiously to come...usually fish as plural (not fishes)

    the Somali people complained, especially the fishermen,.....

    Decide of you want western or Western

    not bbc but BBC

    Not By year, but Each year...on an annual basis "The UN representative for Somali." = is an incomplete sentence. IT needs a verb

    On top of that,...they wee already suffering.

    more = not capitalized

    devastation period...

    Europeans' piracy...world; fortunately"An estimated..."most of them of European origin. "A deputy prime minister, etc. is another incomplete sentence.... minister of fisheries?

    ...the fishermen developed a clique...They started to gather into small

    ...usual "toxic waste" and not wastes...dump their toxic waste

    sold fish for a living....seafood. Du rig a meeting...(incomplete sentence)

    not poised but poisoned

    dumping toxic waste on waters ....individuals and poison the seafood.the dead ones *not died*


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