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An anvil hanging vertically from a long rope in a barn is pulled to the side and raised like a pendulum 1.6 m above its equilibrium position. It then swings to its lowermost point where the rope is cut by a sharp blade. The anvil then has a horizontal velocity with which it sails across the barn and hits the floor, 10.0 m below. How far horizontally along the floor will the anvil land? "

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    m g h = potential energy at top = U = m (9.8)(1.6)

    Ke at bottom = U at top = .5 m u^2
    1.6*9.8 = .5 u^2
    calculate u, the horizontal velocity from that

    Now get time in the air from the falling problem
    10 = .5 * 9.8 * t^2
    so calculate t from that
    distance horizontal= u t

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