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I have an assignment to do about the force table.
I'm not sure about my answers, hope someone could check it for me if I answered correctly.

1.What kind of forces do you use on the force table? Explain about the used forces.

Resultant force, Equilibrant and Weight.
-Resultant force is a single force which has the same effect on an object as two or more forces are acting on that object.
-Equilibrant is a single force, which holds a whole system of concurrent forces in equilibrium.
-Weight = mg (where m=mass of an object and g = gravitational acceleration)

2.Why does the ring need to be centered at the post on the force table in finding the equilibrant?

Because if it's not centered the direction of force on the force table will be incorrect.

3.In a certain experiment using a force table, the system is in equilibrium at the center post with four forces are acting on the center ring and all forces are not in straight-line positions. If equal weights are taken away from each hanger, should the system be still in equilibrium at the same position? Explain.

Yes, the system would still be in equilibrium because there is still the same amount of forces acting on each string.

Yep, these are my answers. They look soo short to me. That's why it makes me feel so unsure with my answers. Is there something I forgot and didn't mentioned?
And most important are my answers right?

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    How gravitational acceleration (g) is used to benefit the invironment?

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