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The volume V(t) of air (in cubic inches) in an adult's lungs t seconds after exhaling is approximately. (Do not use mixed numbers in your answer.)
V(t)= 53+28.5sin(pie(t)/2-pie/2)
(a) Find the maximum and minimum amount of air in the lungs.
Maximum is (cubic inches)
Minimum is (cubic inches)

(b) How often does the person exhale?
every (seconds)

(c) How many breaths per minute does the person take?

  • Precalculus -

    sin(pie(t)/2-pie/2) has a max of 1 and a min of -1

    so V(t) has a max of 53 + 28.5(1) = 81.5
    and a min of 53 + 28.5(-1) = 24.5

    b) we need the period
    period = 2π/(π/2) = 4

    c) easy now

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