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AP Physics

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A basketball player makes a jump shot. The 0.700-kg ball is released at a height of 2.00 m above the floor with a speed of 7.70 m/s. The ball goes through the net 3.00 m above the floor at a speed of 3.10 m/s. What is the work done on the ball by air resistance, a nonconservative force?

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    Calculate the loss of total mechanical energy (potential + kinetic) from release until it reaches the basket.

    (1/2)M*V1^2 + M*g*H1 = (1/2)MV2^2 + M*g*H2 + (E lost)

    Elost = 0.700{[(1/2)(7.7)^2-(3.1)^2] + (9.8)(2.00 - 3.00)} = ____

    I consider it unlikely that a basketball would slow down that much due to air resistance, but those are the numbers you were given.

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    10.5 J = frictional work lost
    Initial KE = 20.7 J

    Something is phoney here.

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