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A heavy ball A of mass 10kg is moving at a velocity of 10m/s to the right. When it hits a stationary ball B of mass 5kg, ball B moves at a velocity of 10m/s to the right.

a) explain whether it is inelastic collision or not.

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    First, use conservation of momentum to find the velocity of ball A AFTER the collision, Va2.
    10kg*10m/s = 5kg*10m/s + 10kg*Va2
    Va2 = 50/10 = 5 m/s

    Then, compare the sum of kinetic energies before and after collision.

    before: KEtotal = (1/2)*10*10^2 = 500 J
    after: KEtotal = KE(A) + KE(B) = ___
    If the total KE decreases, the collsion is ineleastic. Do the numbers and find out if it is.

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