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graphing linear equatios

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I am really confused...can someone help me with this? I am supposed to graph solution of given system of linear inequality:

y is greater than 4x-3
y is less than or equal to x+2

  • graphing linear equatios -

    Hopefully some of these tutorials will help you:


  • graphing linear equatios -

    Consider the "equation" of the corresponding function, I will use yours as an example

    y = 4x-3
    Since it is a straight line, all you need are two points

    since you had
    y > 4x - 3, draw a dotted line to show that the points are excluded.
    Shade in the region above that line
    If the relation had been
    y < 4x-3 , you would shade in the region below the line

    If the relation had been ≥ or ≤ , you would make the boundary line solid, to show the points on the line would be included.

    my explanation applies to all inequations of the form
    y > f(x), y < f(x), y ≥ f(x), or y ≤ f(x)

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