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Balanced Chemical Equation:

1 N204(l) + 2 N2H4(l) --> 3 N2(g) + 4 H20(g)

If you start with: 5.0 x 10^4g hydrazine (N2H4) "in the tank":

1) How many moles of nitrogen can be created (assuming 100% yielded)?
2) How many moles of water can be produced?
3) What mass of dinitrogen tetroxide (N2O4) is needed? What volume of N2O4 is needed? (density = 1.44 g/cm^3)

Help please?

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    Find the molar mass of N2H2. Now find the number of moles that are in 5.0 x 10^14g of N2H2. With me so far?

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    Oh, sorry, I thought I got to your question earlier than I did. I guess this site doesn't work too well for real time discussions...

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    how do i find molar mass?

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    molar mass = the sum of the atomic masses which you get from the periodic table.

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