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Human-Environmental Interactions:
how did the people in Khartoum modify the environment?
how is the people in khartoum being influence by the physical landscape/environment?

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i have other questions but i really extremely need help with the questions above

please send a link to the website like the actual website that answer my questions.

so please help i need this it's extremely urgent

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    if you don't understand the questions im sorry

    how did the people in Khartoum modify the environment?
    eg. modifying like heating and cooling buildings for comfort

    how is the people in khartoum being influence by the physical landscape/environment?
    eg. people depend on the Fraser River

    hope this help you understand my questions

    please and thank you
    ps very urgent


    How do the the people in Khartoum modify the environment? They built homes and stores and other buildings. Those who can afford it have air conditioning because this is in a tropical climate.

    The Nile River is a major feature in their physical landscape. They use it for transportation and for water.

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