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I am great at math but for some reason can not wrap my brain around Algebra for the world! Please Help!! Im stumped!

Solve using the elimination method. Show your work. If the system has no solution or an infinite number of solutions, state this.

-3x – 5y = 61

7x – 5y = -9

  • Algebra -

    -3x-5y=61 (1)
    7x-5y=-9 (2)
    Looking at the equations, we can multiply either of them by -1 to cancel the y's. Let's do that to the 2nd one.
    Then add the equations together.
    Plug that back into either original equation to solve for y.

  • Algebra -

    use the elimination method to solve the system of equations choose the correct ordered pair 6x+5y=61-5x+5y=-5

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