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Does the United States currently have a normal economy?

A normal economy is when everyday people can make reasonable accurate predictions about the economic future. These people want to be able to plan and protect themselves. These are the 4 indicators of a normal economy does the United states currently have one

Bank is stable, rate is the inflation rate and the cost of goods go up, interest on my savings goes down=value of money goes down, can you buy most goods and services freely at a reasonable price, employment does not flucutate widely, and long term plans (house, kids, retirement, pension, Ira)

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    Several factors show that the U.S. does not have a normal economy now.

    Some banks are not stable because they hold mortgages that cannot be paid.

    There is no inflation and the cost of goods is not increasing.

    There's a relatively high level of unemployment and underemployment.

    The future is unsure because house prices have gone down, college tuition is skyrocketing, Social Security is predicted to run out of money, the stock market is unstable, and pension plans are being cut and even eliminated.

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