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Mixture Problems Template – Price Problems

Copy the problem from the lesson:
1. A store manager wishes to reduce the price on her fresh ground coffee by mixing two grades. If she has 50 pounds of coffee which sells for $10 per pound, how much coffee worth $6 per pound must she mix with it so that she can sell the final mixture for $ 8.50 per pound?

What Do I Know?
She has 50 lbs. @ $10 per pound
She needs ??? @ $6 per pound
The mixture will sell for $8.50 per pound

What Do I Want to Know?
how many pounds of coffee @ $6 per pounds

Assign Variables
Let B = pounds of better grade of coffee
Let L = pounds of lower grade of coffee
Let T = total pounds of coffee after mixing

Write a verbal Model:
Pounds of lower grade coffee + 50 lbs. of better grade coffee = total pounds of coffee.

How Do I Find the Components of the Verbal Model?

Write an Algebraic Equation


Write Your Summary Statement

  • algebra -

    There is no need to have all those variables, since there is only one, the amount of lower grade coffee defined by L

    my equation would be
    10(50) + 6L = 8.5(50+L)

    and I got L = 30

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