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What is the total force on the bottom of a swimming pool 22.0 m by 8.9 m whose uniform depth is 1.6 m?

What is the absolute pressure on the bottom of a swimming pool?

What will be the pressure against the side of the pool near the bottom?

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    Pressure at depth 1.6m
    = ρgh
    = 1000 kg/m³ * 9.8 m/s² * 1.6 m
    = 15,680 N/m²

    Force = pressure * area

    Hydrostatic pressure acts equally in all directions, i.e. downwards and sideways.

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    That didn't give me the correct answer

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    What did you get?

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    Sorry, I didn't read properly.

    The question requested absolute pressure, which includes atmospheric pressure, equal to about 103.59 kPa.
    Watch out for units when you add hydrostatic pressure in N/m² (=Pa) to atmospheric pressure in kPa.

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    What is the pressure acting on your body if you dive down to a depth of 3.4 m?

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    P fluid=r x h x g wher h =3.4m

    P total =P atmospheric + P fluid
    Normal atmospheric pressure = 1.01 x 10^5

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