world issues- amazon deforestation

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Hi. I was assigned an essay that I have to get done by 2morrow. It is about Amazon rainforest deforestation. I have to sum everything up into 3 paragraphs. 1st paragraph- tell what's happening here; I already did this. 2nd & 3rd paragraphs- describe how you would stop deforestation in the amazon. I am searching EVERYWHERE on the internet, in my book, I can't find anything on how I would be able to stop deforestation. I just need a few pointers and facts and then I will be good.
Thank you

  • world issues- amazon deforestation -

    What are the causes of this deforestation? What can we do to stop or negate these causes?

  • world issues- amazon deforestation -

    Are you asking me this?

  • world issues- amazon deforestation -

    I just need like facts on ways to stop deforestation. -_-

  • world issues- amazon deforestation -

    the trees are the main idea why would you take them down

  • world issues- amazon deforestation -

    trees don't knock them down
    i am from Africa racist

  • world issues- amazon deforestation -

    ya so

  • world issues- amazon deforestation -

    im her sister and you stick if that is proper english

  • world issues- amazon deforestation -

    How do you put deforestation in sentences.

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