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Can you please tell me if these are right?
Classify the solutes in the following equations as a weak electrolyte, a strong electrolyte of a non electrolyte in water.
a. XY2(s)=X2+(aq) +2Y-(aq)
b. HX(g) ß=H+(aq) + X-(aq)
c. XYZ(s)=XYZ(aq)
d. YOH(s)=Y+(aq) + OH-(aq)

a. strong electrolyte
b. weak electrolyte
c. non electrolyte
d. strong electrolyte
Thank you!

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    a,c, and d look ok. I don't know about b, partly because I don't know what that strange looking symbol is (looks like a beta) and partly because I don't think it has an answer (the jury is still out until I know what that "beta" marks means).

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