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US History

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18. For what consumer item did Robert de Graff create a vast new market?
a. zippers
b. movies
c. paperback books
d. trucks

21. Why did a number of nations join to form NATO in 1949?
a. to solve postwar problems as an agency of the United Nations
b. to create an economic alliance against Germany and Japan
c. to protect themselves from possible Soviet aggression
d. to counter the military threat posed by the Warsaw Pact

22. Harding and Coolidge both based their foreign policy on a return to
a. unionism
b. nativism
c. isolationism
d. progressivism
Not sure..D?

29. Which of the following contributed to the migration from farms to cities in the late 1800s?
a. streetcars
b. a sharp decline in the need for farm labor
c. cheap housing
d. decreased demand for agricultural products

30. The progressive movement focused mainly on the problems of
a. African Americans
b. urban residents
c. tenant farmers
d. nonunionized workers

31. How did Roosevelt's New Deal try to help businesses?
a. by raising tariffs
b. by stabilizing industrial prices
c. by expanding foreign trade
d. by abolishing the minimum wage


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    18 and 21 -- correct

    22. Wrong.

    The rest are correct.

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    22- C?


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    :D Thanks

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    :-) You're welcome.

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