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I need help completing my rap about bullying. If you have any suggestion to add please don't hesitate to add also if you have any suggestions that need to be change or don't make sense please do report.{make sense...please}

Bullying. Bullying,
with a capital "B".
people walking roun'...budging me.

I'm not messin' with nobody,
they messin' with me.
I got purpose,...
i got a place to be.

Bullying. Bullying,
with a capital "B".
People walking roun'... budging me.



Bullying. Bullying,
with a capital "B".
People walking roun'...budging me.

Thanks a bunch.

  • AVID/Honors{Rap} -


  • AVID/Honors{Rap} -

    Looks good! On your later post, which I read first, are some links that might help. The B's give it a nice alliteration. Some other B words you might use: baffle, balk, ban, bar, battle, beat, begrudge, belt, berae, bwilder, blacken , bli nd bludgeon, boot, bore, bother, bug, bully, burden

    They are such a blight
    Keep them out of sight
    Let them fly a kite
    I'm not gonna fight
    They are far from right

    (I could go on, but somehow at the end, you should show that you are better than they. I want YOU to win!)


  • AVID/Honors{Rap} -

    Thanks alot...i truly like that you were so much help. Thanks a bunch.

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