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I still don't know about these and I realllyy need to finish this exam, so please help me!!

15. What effect did Supreme Court decisions on apportionment bring about?
a. People accused of a crime must be informed on their rights
b. Low-cost health insurance must be provided for the poor
c. Electoral districts had to be redrawn based on "one person, one vote."
d. Criminal suspects must be given legal aid free if they cannot afford it.

16. The aim that Congress has in passing the War Powers Act was to
a. give the President more power in using American forces overseas
b. forbid the President from ever sending American forces overseas
c. limit the President's emergency powers in sending troops overseas
d. order the President to bring American troops back from Iran

17. The movement for multiculturalism called for increased
a. attention to non-Europe cultures
b. numerical targets for hiring women and minorities
c. cuts in entitlement programs
d. pressure on Americans to retire at age 65.


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    MC -- An exam is designed to find out what YOU know.

    Please go back and study your book again.

    I cannot and will not help a student cheat on an exam.

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    I'm disappointed in you.

    Being homeschooled is not easy, and we Jiskha tutors are glad to help you.

    But please do not take advantage of us and ask us to cheat for you.

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