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How many cubic units are in the volume of a cylinder whose height is four units and whose radius is five units?

What is the surface area of a cube whose volume is 27 cubic inches?

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    Volume of a cylinder = area of the base * height, or:
    V = pi*(r^2)*h
    V = pi*(5^2)*4
    V = pi*25*4
    simplify this. units is in cubic units.

    Volume of cube is s^3,, solving for the length of one side:
    V = 27 = s^3
    cuberoot(27) = s
    s = 3 inches
    Surface area of cube = 6*area of each face, or:
    SA = 6*(s^2)
    SA = 6*(3^2)
    simplify this. units is in square inches.

    hope this helps. :)

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    How many cubic centimeters can a cigar box hold if its dimensions are 4 centimeters by 14 centimeters by 12 centimeters? Include correct units with your solution.

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