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Need help answering these:

5. In their 1994 Contract with America, Republicans pledged to
a. renew the "Star Wars" initiative
b. end federal welfare spending entirely
c. balance the budget
d. increase taxes

6. Several of the important decisions of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren focused on
a. protecting the constitutional rights of citizens accused of crimes
b. declaring Great Society legislation unconstitutional
c. continuing segregation policies in American public schools
d. medical care for the poor and the elderly

11. What effect did the Bakke decision have on affirmative action?
a. It legalized racial quotas for administration to medical schools
b. It encouraged African Americans to apply to medical schools
c. It signaled the start of a backlash against affirmative action
d. It ruled out consideration of race as a factor in administration decisions

12. To which groups did George Wallace target his campaign?
a. southerners and blue-collar voters
b. Republicans and left-leaning Democrats
c. campus radicals and antiwar forces
d. professors and editorial writers


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    5. Republicans never want to raise taxes. Check this site.

    6. Justice Warren was a liberal. It's not the court's function to determine medical care for the poor and elderly. Which of the two remaining answers do you think is right?

    11. Right.

    16. Which group was in sympathy with George Wallace's strong stand for segregation?

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    Still don't know the answer to #5-6 but 12 is A?


  • US History -

    6. a
    12. a

    5. Read the site carefully, and then tell us what you think.

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