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5th grade science/ colloids

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what are some examples of colloids?
like a mixture,compound or sometin....
im looking for something like a colloid is water and oil mixed together and so on.
thx :)

  • 5th grade science/ colloids -

    A colloid is a mixture in which finely divided particles are dispersed within a continuous medium so that the mixture can not be filtered easily or settled rapidly.

    A water/oil mixture (milk) is an example of a liquid in liquid colloid. An example of a gas in liquid colloid is a whipped egg white.

    There are some further examples here:

    which also shows how colloids are classified further.

  • 5th grade science/ colloids -

    ummmmmmmmm......... i acctually havve a question what particales are in a colloid?????? help!!!!!!!

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