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Hello. Three quick questions that I have worked on just need confirmation. 1. I need to find the intercepts and then use them to graph the equation. 2y-6=2x; I have x = 0 for y - intercept; 2y-6=2(0); 2y-6 = 0; 2y = 6; y = 3. I set y at 0 also. 2 (0) - 6 = 2x; -6=2x; -3=x. so the points are
(-3,0), (0,3).

2. Identify the y - intercept. I used the formula y=mx+b; y intercept is (0,3);

3. I need to translate to an inequality: The amt of acid is not to exceed 300 liters. I said, x (the greater then or equal to sign here)300??
Thank you I just need some intelligent input! :)

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    Check your previous posting of 11 -9-10, @ 3:38 pm.

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