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heres another the last part.

Classify as Simple, compound, complex or compound complex.

complex-13) The burden of proof should be reversed; that is, no one should be allowed to release any substance into the air until it is proved harmless.

compound-14) This principle is used in the case of drugs and food additives, and Dr. Slavin recommends it for the control of our air.

compound complex- 15) After all, as he points out, the principle can be considered even more logical for air than for food and drugs.

compound-16) We have a wide range of choice in foods and drugs but little choice in air

complex-17) Certainly one thing to be cultivated in the fight against air pollution is greenery, since it gives off oxygen.

compound complex-18) Grass alone on a small plot of ground, fifty by fifty feet, gives off enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four.

complex-19) Because of the oxygen-producing ability of green things, it is not facetious to recommend the planting of even one tree.

compound-20) We must preserve our parks and open spaces, and we must suppor the development of even more areas of greenery.

compound complex-21) The council on Environmental Quality recommends that cities build rapid-transit systems not only to eliminate traffic congestion and automobile exhausts but also to provide more space for trees and grass.

compound022) An asphalt campground is not a satisfactory substitute for forest, and a concrete playground is quit different from grassy field.

compound-23) There are many approaches to air pollution, then, and no one of them is cure-all.

simple-24) People must work as individuals and in groups to control air pollution.

25) We do not want to witness a disappearance of blue skies, nor do we want to have to war gas masks to survive.



15)compound complex



18)compound complex



21)compound complex





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    You're getting the hang of these sentences. :-)

    The only sentences you have wrong are: 13, 15, 16, 18, 21

    Be sure you know the difference between a phrase and a clause.

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    21)compound complex

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    13. No. It has two verbs.

    15. Right.

    16. Right.

    18. Right

    21. No. I see only one independent clause.

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