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I need help with expanding the following essay.

Hoagland describes that he feels like a city rat, living in New York City. There is a lot more violence than there used to be, yet after seeing or hearing about it one just goes on with their life. People have worked out a system to living in New York City. You cannot react to every act of violence or tragedy. Hoagland turns on different types of music for each time of day to drown out the sounds coming from outside. Although there are parks in the city, he has tired of them quickly and seems to associate parks such as Central Park, Washington Square, and Tompkins with New York City. Hoagland says, “And the last time my wife and I picnicked in Van Cortland Park, which is more countrified, we needed to cut at top speed through the woods to escape two men who were stalking us. (Hoagland, 127)” All the places in the city remind him of certain events and hold memories. Yet as much as people want to get out of New York City, the city is where the action is and many of us have an almost magnetic pull to action. Hoagland wonders if it’s the right thing to raise his young daughter here with sooty air amongst all the cultural institution, as well as the violence. He feels as if he is a true New Yorker, yet he does not want to live in this sooty city filled with tragedy and violence.

I sometimes wonder just like Hoagland does, would I want to raise my children in New York City. The city that never sleeps seems to have a hold on me. The cultural institutions are just a subway ride away and there is always something happening. In contrast, I also imagine living in a more countrified area, where the air is clearer and where kids have more room to run around. The center of town is just a strip mall consisting of the most basic stores and the community close-knit. Then I wonder that if by the time these same kids are teenagers, do they feel enclosed or entrapped in a safe town that doesn’t provide much in the way of entertainment.

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