Spanish 1

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4. No es trabajadora. Es _____.
a. atrevida
b. desordenada
c. perezosa
d. impaciente

9. No me gusta _____ nadar ____ dibujar.
a. sí/sí
b. sí/ni
c. ni/ni
d. ni/tampoco
I'm going with C now?

10. No soy ni generosa
a. o tacaño
b. ni tacaña
c. ni atrevido
d. o deportista
Not sure between A and B...

11. -"Me gusta tocar la guitarria." --"A mí ____"
a. tambien
b. tampoco
c. nada
d. de veras

15. A mí me gusta nadar. ¿ Y a ____?
a. ti
b. tu
c. tú
d. mi

Gracias! ;D

  • Spanish 1 -

    10.First, pay attention to your adjective: generosa. second adjective also needs to be feminine. Also, you have a negative sentence structure: No...

    11. Sí. you are agreeing with a positive sentence. A mí tampoco is agreement with a negative sentence.

    15. something is pleasing TO YOU, not you.

  • Spanish 1 -

    10. b
    11. a
    15. a prepositional "ti"

    Anonymous has given you the reasons for each .


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