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Please correct my essy. 1) please tell me what to change/add. 2)please check my thesis/summary. 4)Is my intorduction good, cammos, sentenc structures. Thanks for the time u took to look at my essay.

One of the most controversial issue in America is illegal immigrates. Due to borders being unsafeguarded; illegal Aliens residing in America are statically high. They are increasing and successfully entering in the U.S each day. By estimation, there are more than 20 million illegal immigrants in America.

Some of the illegal immigrants come from many different countries like South America, one million from Asia, and seven million from Mexico, three million from Central America, Middle East, Canada and the Caribbean. Although, they came from different continents, they all have one thing common which is to have better live hood. Over a 70 percent of the United States annual population growth and over 90 percent of California, Florida and New York results from illegal immigration; at a cost of nearly $68,000,000,000.00 annually.

Some people think that putting up fence on Mexico border is a good strategy since illegal Aliens are causing social problems in America as they steal resources, overcrowding, increase burden on public transportation, identity theft, environment suffers, roads, drugs coming in, and also houses and health system is affected due to illegal immigration. Others seemed to think differently; they think it is inhumane, expensive and it will not reduce illegal immigration. And that no matter what, illegal Aliens will try to pass the border; this can result a tragic deaths.

Every country has the right to keep invaders away and protect their country and its citizens at any cost. Illegal Aliens are causing huge problems and the people living in America are being affected by their actions. Nonetheless, there are many means that will help to prevent illegal Aliens coming in; however, there is one strategy that already worked in one State in America which is San Diego County and it is great example of slowing down illegal immigration entering into its county. It is to put up a fence on Mexico border.

Putting up a fence will definitely will help strengthen national security, cease the social and economic problems that the illegal Aliens are causing. Fence will also drastically reduce the amount of illegal aliens entering in the U.S. who violate the law of this country.

One major problem is illegal Aliens are taking jobs away from legal immigrants and citizens since they are desperately in search of jobbies and are willing to work less wages then most Americans.

Especially illegal immigrants take the jobs that the poor Americans do and according to New York Times, Black children suffered 50% greater poverty in the past 10 years due to immigration. Also Illegal immigrants tend to get free school, food stamps, social benefits and free medical care. An illegal alien might go to the hospital, get treated and later walk out without paying the bills. Eventually, the citizens are left to pay their medicals bills since it is hard to trace an individual without their social security.

At the same time the citizens of America are having difficulty paying their medical bills.

Another motive is that, illegal immigrants commit crimes; in fact they are responsible for the majority of the violence that exists in America. Some illegal immigrants escape to their country or to another State before being deported. There are also immigrants who come to the U.S. with vista that are students, a visitor and once they land into the States and their vista expires they overstay with their vista.

According to a recent study, 45 percent of illegal immigrants came here on a legal visa, and then overstayed that visa. Reports NPR's Ted Robbins. Third justification why fence should be built is security problem and terrorist; many illegal immigrants come through Mexico borders from other countries. This could be very dangerous to our

country and its people. We don’t have the capacity of knowing what these people coming from other countries through Mexico border and into America want. Or their reasons living in America, perhaps terrorists might blend in with them and the lives of people would be in danger.

It is unfair that the illegal immigrants who violated the rights of this country are given aid more compared to citizens by the government; including, a free school, food stamps, and medical care. F

ence is an effective way to reduce illegal immigrates coming in, there will be also less social problems, less drug smugglers and no overpopulation. San Diego is a great example of slowing down their illegal immigrants.

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    Your thesis is that a fence is needed, but the only thing you said about it is that "it will work." It sounded more like your thesis is saying illegal immigrants cause problems. (I'd also love to see the references for your facts. I don't believe them personally, but have never looked).

    You mentioned illegal immigrants being a problem because of population growth. That is a good thing for a country and economy.

    I'd say also look at the problems of getting a Visa in the US. (Not Vista, the new Windows Operating System). I wanted my girlfriend to come back to the states this November with me, but to get a Visitor's Visa, it takes over 3 months and there is no guarantee she will get it.

    If you really want to focus on a fence, I would ask how that will help. Do you plan to build one along Canada, too, since that is where you mentioned illegals are coming from? How would you stop people from jumping over it or climbing it/digging under it/breaking it?

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