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Today we were asked this question in class. We were asked to ponder it over the weekend, but I'd like some views of others.

If we don't believe minds are changed in deliberation, then how and why does the law change in these areas over time? Do we not get closer to the truth or does the law not get better over time?

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    I do believe minds are changed in deliberation, but usually over a period of time -- and maybe one or two generations.

    Look at women's suffrage and the Civil Rights Act.

    Abigail Adams asked her husband at the time of the writing of the U.S. Constitution to "remember the ladies." Yet women didn't get the right to vote til about 140 years later. Most people don't question women's right to vote, yet we've hears some sexist remarks about women politicians in the last few years.

    The cause of African-American rights has had a similar pattern.

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    how can a young citizen become active in politics?

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