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Physics(Checking answer)

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Sorry for the re-post but I really need to know this, but now I just want to know if the question is right.

A spring with a force of 5.2 N/m has a relaxed length of 2.45. When a mass is attached to the end of the spring and allowed to come to rest. the vertical length of the spring is 3.57m. Calculate the elastic potential energy stored in the spring.

I got 3.26144

from 1/2* 5.2*1.12^2

Please help.

  • Physics(Checking answer) -

    Looks good to me, but do not give the answer to 6 places after the decimal point. Something like 3.26 is plenty.

  • Physics(Checking answer) -

    Ok thanks for the advice, now I can go to sleep.

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