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21.a. which of these number is a multiple of 10? A 35 B 40 C 45 D 101
b. how can you fine the answer for part a just by looking? 22.a. A dime is what fraction of a dollar? b. A dime is what percent of a dollar? 23. washington school cost about $12,350,000 to build. use words to write that amount of money. 24. two factors of 16 are 1 and 16 beacuse 1*16= 16. find three more factors of 16. 25. is 16 a prime number? why or why not? 27. which of these numbers is a factor of 12? A 0 B 6 C 8 D 24

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    21 A) b
    22) a) 1/100
    b) 10%

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