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1.Drew has fifty-six rolls. seven rolls will fit on one tray. how many trays does he need to carry all of the rolls? write an equation to solve the problem. 2. one gallon is about 3.78 L.about how many liters tow gallons? use words to write the answer. to estimate the sum of $6.87 and $5.92, socorro rounded each number to the nearest dollar before adding. write the numbers socorro added and their sum

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    seven rolls each tray with 56 rolls =8

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    1.) 56/7=B B=8 or you can just put 8 in place of B in the problem~
    2.)3.78*2=7.56 seven and fifty-six hundredths
    2nd problem on 2.) $7.00+$6.00=$13.00

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    thank you

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    Welcome!!! :)

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