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Can you help me check these sentences please? I still have some doubts.

1)I like playing sports in the real life but I have never played online games.
2)I have internet access at home (?). I find sports and game (?) websites interesting.
3)I have never used any chat rooms (?) or an Internet Messenger Service.
4)I spend about 5 Euros a week on my cell phone. (on phone calls?)
5)My mobile phone has got Internet access, a video recorder, an FM radio and an MP3 player. It hasn’t got an abbreviated (?) text language.
6)Though my sister is only nine, my parents bought her a mobile phone last year.
7)Nowadays it is impossible to live without technology because we are all victims of globalization.
8)I use the computer to listen to music, chat with my friends, keep (or get?) in touch with them at any time, do my homework and surf the net.

  • English -

    1. Comma after "life"

    3. Capital only on "I" and "Internet" - no other capitals needed.

    5. Delete "got" - comma after "radio"

    8. I'd use "stay" rather than "keep" or "get" and I'd delete "at any time" - comma after "homework."

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