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organic chemistry

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chloroform is an excellent solvent for extraction caffeine from water. Kd = 10 for caffeine in chloroform- water at 25 Celsius. what weight of caffeine would be removed from a solution of 4g caffeine in 100ml water by a single extraction of 100 ml of chloroform?
for the situation in the uestion above, what total weight of caffeine could be rmoved by two extractions using 50 ml of chloroform each time?

  • organic chemistry -

    K(org/aq) = (grams/org solvent)/(g/aq solvent)

    10 = (x grams/100 mL)/(4-x grams/100 mL)
    Solve for x, then calculate 4-x to determine the amount left in the aqueous phase.

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