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US History

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2. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was based on the principle of
a. free trade
b. collective security
c. appeasement
d. isolationism

4. One sign that the economy might be weakening in the 1920s was
a. the failure of many rural banks
b. underproduction of consumer goods
c. an increase in personal savings
d. the collapse of large corporation

12. During the Cold War, a major goal of the United States policy in Latin America was to
a. build nuclear weapons bases in Central America
b. encourage the countries of Latin America to join the United Nations
c. protect American financial investments in Latin America
d. prevent Fidel Castro from taking over Cuba

16. What did President Truman promise in the Truman Doctrine?
a. to support nations trying to resist Soviet control
b. to fight hunger anywhere in the world
c. to enforce the American foreign policy of brinkmanship
d. to reject the former policy of containment


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    I agree with all of your answers, MC. :-)

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