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Essay help, please. :)

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Compare and Contrast Religions Essay

How are the three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam alike? Judaism, Christianity and Islam share many qualities but also have many differences.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are very similar. For all three monotheistic religions, the origin is in the Middle East. Judaism, the oldest of the monotheistic religions was a common source for the ''cousin'' religions, Islam and Christianity, who came relatively in the same time period. These three religions came out of the cradle of civilization, an area known for advancement due to heavy trade of goods and ideas that occurred in the region. Also, each religion has it's own sacred text, each religion revers it's texts as sacred because of the prophets who supposedly talked to their gods and passed on God's wisdom to people. Therefore, they each share a story of prophets and a story of salvation based on the Bronze Age ideas and myths. Each religion reveres that Jerusalem is a holy city connected with God, also known as the ''Main city'' or ''God's City'' either way, it's still very holy to the religions. Many people come to visit the holy city to show their worship and respect for their God. The three religions, while having many differences as well, have led to major conflicts in history resulting the deaths of millions.

As monotheistic religions, sharing common ancestors, belief in mainly the same things such as regular prayer and charity, the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam would appear to be naturally common with each other, though they have many different Gods that they believe in.

That's my essay right there.
and I don't know how to continue on after the last section that wrote about them having different gods that they believe in.

Could anybody help me continue on with the next setences or so? and help me end this essay strong?

Thank you.


  • Essay help, please. :) -

    I strongly disagree with your statement: "though they have many different Gods that they believe in."

    They believe in the same God, but call Him (Her?) by different names. Because to some, God is unknowable, these religions have different traditions of belief about God.

    You can go into much more detail about why each religion reveres Jerusalem, differences in beliefs and customs, and each sacred book.

    I don't know how long your essay is supposed to be -- but you've barely scratched the surface of understanding of these religions.

  • Essay help, please. :) -

    Well, I will erase that. But, what should I replace it with?

  • Essay help, please. :) -

    Details, details, and more details.

    Maybe you should do more research about each religion.

  • Essay help, please. :) -

    I tried doing that.. I just don't know how to fit all of it into a real setence.

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