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1. George W. Bush has called for an expansion in the role of __ in administering federal social programs
a. colleges and universities
b. big business
c. state gov't
d. federal bureaucrats
e. religious organizations

2. Polling data suggest Americans __ the administration of social services by faith- based organizations
a. know little or nothing
b. have no distinct opinions regarding
c. are somewhat opposed to
d. are slightly in favor of
e. are strongly supportive of

3. Which of the following opinions for rescuing social security is especially popular with younger voters?
a. retirement age be raised to 85
retirement benefits be increased.
c. social security taxes be lowered
d. the program be privatized
e. citizens be allowed to invest some portion of social security taxes in mutual funds

4. In Zelman v. Simmons- harris, the supreme court ruled school voucher programs are constitutional so long as
a. there is true private choice
b. school officials are supportive of applicants
c. students are not segregated on the basis of gender
d. teachers are educated in secular colleges and universities
e. textbooks are purchased by private/ individual funds

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    What are your answers?

    We'll be glad to check them for you.

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    1. e
    2. a
    4. c

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    I agree with your first three answers. Are you sure # 4 isn't A?

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    Oh ok. Thanks!

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    You're welcome.

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