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What were the factors responsible for western europe's domination of world trade from 1650-1800?
i have to know 2 economic factors, 2 technological factors, and 2 institutional factors.

please help this is going to be on a test that i' taking

  • AP European History -

    Since it's going to be on a test, you have studied this. The answers are in your notes and/or in your book.

    If you tell us what you know about these answers, we'll be glad to help you fill in the rest. However, we need to know what you've done to find these answers.

  • AP European History -

    I'm taking this class online and haven't had a chance yet to review the chapter's information.

    so far I have this but i don't feel like it's right, please correct me:

    Economic Factors:
    a. mercantalism
    b. flota system

    a. Improved boats and ships
    b. improved maps for navigation

    a. bullion fleets administered from, Seville
    b. colonial empires of France, Spain, England, Netherlands, Portugal, and Dutch

  • AP European History -

    Those look good to me.

    But if you're taking a test, you MUST review the chapter's information.

  • AP European History -

    yes, I know thanks, I will review them tonight and tomorrow. are my answers in the correct categories?

  • AP European History -

    I believe your answers are in the right categories. These look good to me

  • AP European History -

    Yep, all good 'ere. 'Cept I'd ad somethin abeot Context at the BEginin.

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