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how do you say goodafternoon in evry laungega

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    Sorry, but we don't have the knowledge or the time to tell you how to say "Good afternoon" in all of the almost 7,000 spoken languages in the world.

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    o ok

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    We could tell you how to say Good Afternoon in a few languages, if you tell us which languages you want.

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    ok french and russian

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    French: bonjour (actually means "good day" but is commonly used all day long)

    I couldn't find the Englsh language transliteration for Russian in any of my three dictionaries or online. Unfortunately, I've forgotten how to pronouce the Cyrillic alphabet.

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    Here it is in Russian (and I have many other languages, if you'd like)

    Добрый день!
    DOH-briy DYEHN'
    Good afternoon (can be used in all situations)

    Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet so that is what you see above, plus more or less what it sounds like and then the English translation.


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