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Thanks for help and websites. Here is what I've written about the building fence so far. please tell me if I'm on the right path. I'm for building the fence and tell me if i need to correct my sentence. Thanks!

Due to borders being unsafeguarded, illegal Aliens residing in America are statically high. They are increasing and successfully entering in the U.S each day. Some of the illegal immigrants come from many different countries like South America, one million from Asia, and seven million from Mexico, three million from Central America, Middle East, Canada and the Caribbean. They all have one thing common which is to have better live hood. By estimation there are more than 20 million illegal immigrants in America.

According to Illegalimmigrationstatistics over 70 percent of the United States annual population growth and over 90 percent of California, Florida and New York results from illegal immigration; at a cost of nearly $68,000,000,000.00 annually.” illegal Aliens are causing social problems in America as they steal resources, overcrowding, increase burden on public transportation, identity theft, environment suffers, roads, drugs coming in, houses and health system is affected due to illegal immigration.

Building a fence will reduce the amount of illegal aliens entering in the U.S., social problems and drug smugglers.

Every country has the right to keep invaders away and protect its citizens at any cost. Building a fence is one strategy and it will not be an end to the solution however, it will drastically minimize the amount of illegal immigrates coming to America that violates the law of the country. In America illegal immigrates are causing a huge problem each day and the citizens are being affected.

One of the major problems illegal immigrates are causing is that; they are taking jobs away from legal immigrants and citizens, commit crimes, and escape the country. In fact illegal Aliens are given aid more compared to citizens by the government. Because they are not legally entitled to benefits, illegal aliens get free school, free medical care, and social benefits.

While the citizens are having difficulty paying their medical bills. Fence is an effective way to reduce illegal immigrates coming in, there will be also less social problems, less drug smugglers and no overpopulation. San Diego is a great example of slowing down their illegal immigrants. The state installed a fence and the crimes declined.

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