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I have to write an essay on 8 questions which are listed in my essay. Each paragraph is to contain an answer for each question using MLA I need an introduction 4 body sentences and a conclusion. Please check my work,my citing and any information on the works cited page would help.
The Affect That the Computer Age Has on Medical Records
When asking the question, should corrections be date and time stamped, one must look at the importance of the procedures for changing electronic medical records. (AMA, #5) Well-maintained electronic health records are important because they protect both the patient and the physician. (Samaritan, RN, 1) Next, we note that all entries in electronic health records need to be time and date stamped. (library ahima , 9) Then, the AMA states that, “Additions to the record should be time and date stamped, and the person making the additions should be identified in the record.” (AMA, #1) In addition, fix any errors by adding the correction as an addendum to the electronic medical record then properly date and time stamp the correction so that the original record and information remains. (Samaritan, RN, 1) Finally, it is imperative to date and time stamp correctly because a mistake, if erased or improperly documented, could be especially disastrous for the physician. (Samaritan, RN, 1)

When discussing the question, when should a patient be advised of the existence of computerized databases containing medical information about the patient, one learns that HIPAA’s Security Rule affords patients the rights to the use and the disclosure of their medical information. (Penn Foster, 3) Next, we learn that the entity must inform the patient and the physician about the existence of the computerized health record containing the patient’s data. (AMA, #2) As well as the, “full disclosure of this information to the patient is necessary in obtaining informed consent to treatment.” (AMA, #2) In addition, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act prohibit doctors or covered entities from selling personal health information without the expressed written consent of the patient. (King, N/A) Consequently, all electronic entities are required to inform doctors and patients before the release of any health information. (AMA, #2) Finally, advising patients about the existence of the computer database containing personal health information is important, that knowledge assures the patients that their PHI is safe from unauthorized disclosure. (Carman, 3)

When asking the question, when should the patient be notified of the purging of archaic or inaccurate information, one must first consider that the purging of archaic data is the destruction of the information and the covered entity is required to have a procedure established to accomplish this goal. (library ahima, N/A) Next, one must remember that the personal health information the covered entity is purging is the same data that HIPAA has granted patients the right to request. (Penn Foster, 2) With this understanding, the first opinion believes that covered entities must notify patients and doctors before and after the purge. (AMA, #6) Then, a second opinion also holds the belief that prior to purging the archaic data, the patient and the physician receives notification from the covered entity. (Appleby, Tarver, 207) In addition, it is important that there is no commingling of the medical data from the other patients’ information. (AMA, N/A) Finally, the overall belief is that patients deserve notification about their medical records from the covered entity before anything occurs that affects the patients PHI. (AMA, #6)

When discussing the question, when should the computerized medical database be online to the computer terminal, one must take into consideration the fact that with the increased number of facilities with the access to computer networks, it also follows that internet transmissions will increase. (Penn Foster, 66) First, “The computerized medical data base should be online to the computer terminal only when authorized computer programs requiring the medical data are being used.” (APA, #7) Next, we must accept that when online a medical database, security protocols must be in place to protect the sensitive data. (AMA, #7) Then, the computerized medical database should only be accessible to individuals who have validation for the security protocol. (library ahima, N/A) In addition, most states have security rules, maintaining the proper usage of the computer database is the top priority. (Penn Foster, 66) Finally, due to the increased usage of computers in the medical field, internet access has increased and with it brings a completely new world of security needs. (Penn Foster, 66)

When asking the question, when the computer service bureau destroys or erases records, should the erasure be verified by the bureau to the physician, one must learn that as a third party, the bureau is considered a business associate under HIPAA’s rules and as such is required to maintain the same standards as the physician. (Penn Foster, 67) Next, we have already established that before purging electronic medical records, covered entities are required to inform both the patient and the physician. (AMA, N/A) Therefore, it follows that when a doctor no longer requires the services of a computer services bureau, there are two options available. (AMA, N/A) In a perfect world, the files kept for the physician should revert to the doctor’s office. (AMA, N/A) The second option though, which involves destroying the electronic medical data, is only viable if the physician already has a copy of the data and the computer service bureau informs the physician in writing that they have done so. (AMA, N/A) Finally, when dealing with a physician’s entire caseload, if a computer database bureau closes, and then improperly handles the caseload data, it could devastate the physician entire practice. (AMA, N/A)

When discussing the question, should individuals and organizations with access to the databases be identified to the patient, one must take into the consideration that HIPAA has privacy rules that protect the patients’ personal health information from inappropriate disclosure. (Penn Foster, 17) First, the physician must obtain written consent from those who do not provide treatment, provide payment, or belong to healthcare operations (TPO). (Bordenave, M Ed, N/A) Next, “all individuals and organizations with some form of access to the computerized databases, and the level of access permitted, should be specifically identified in advance.” (AMA, N/A) Total disclosure of database access is required in order for the physician to acquire informed consent for treatment. (AMA, N/A) Consequently, they determine the permitted access level by the security level assigned to the data; they derive the security level from the sensitivity of the PHI. (AMA, N/A) Finally, maintaining proper procedures for allowing access to the patients PHI provides the patient with the knowledge that their health records are view only by entities with the authority to do so. (AMA, N/A)

When asking the question, does the AMA ethics opinion mention encryption as a technique for security; one must accept that the AMA mentions encryption as an acceptable form of security for electronic medical records. (AMA, N/A) Next, Encryption is an algorithm or formula that takes simple text and transforms it into an encoded text before e-mailing the information. (HHS, What is Encryption, N/A) This procedure provides safety for the personal health information, because the only way to read the encoded text is to have the proper key to decode the information. (HHS, What is Encryption, N/A) The HIPPA final Security Rule did not make the encryption of E-PHI mandatory but any covered entity who has security risk issues is a viable candidate. (HHS, Is encryption mandatory in the Security Rule, N/A) Which is why the AMA Opinion states “Access to the computerized data base should be controlled through security measures such as passwords, encryption (encoding) of information, and scannable badges or other user identification.” (AMA, N/A) Finally, the ever-evolving world that is electronic medical records constantly needs to be refined; therefore, the use of encryption to protect the E-PHI from the prying eyes of despots provides almost unassailable protection. (Penn Foster, 67)

When discussing the question, in regard to electronic medical records (EMR’s), what is the policy for disclosing authorized data requested by third parties, it is important to remember that the contents of the E-PHI is under the HIPAA required security rule for dissemination. (HHS, Summary of the HIPAA Security Rule, N/A) First, the individuals or groups requesting the data are required to obtain the expressed consent of the patience; failure to acquire consent is a breach of confidentiality. (AMA, Patient Confidentiality N/A) Next, we learn that “The dissemination of confidential medical data should be limited to only those individuals or agencies with a bona fide use of the data.” (AMA, N/A) As well as the fact that, the third parties receiving the E-PHI do not have the authorization to disclose the information to additional sources. (AMA, N/A) Then, the database should disclose the least amount of E-PHI possible to serve the purpose, while also limiting the period of its use. (AMA, N/A) Finally, the policy for disclosing the E-PHI is clear, the data base must acquire consent for the dissemination of the least amount of information possible, the data base must maintain the patient’s confidentiality and, the third party receiving the data may not disclose the data to any other organization or individual.(AMA,N/A)

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