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5. The products are the materials used in the reaction.- T?

28. Alloys are
a. elements
b. compounds
c. mixtures

30. An example of a colloid solution is
a. salt water
b. dirt mixed with water
c. smog

31. Gases dissolve better
a. when pressure is increased
b. when temperature is decreased
c. both

38. Alpha rays are really
a. electrons
b. helium nuclei
c. electromagnetic waves

40. A nuclear reactor uses
a. controlled fission
b. uncontrolled fission
c. fusion
Not really sure, but I'll go with B?


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    You really need to restudy this entire set of notes. Smog is a colloid. The others are wrong, some grossly so. For example, the first one: Products are what one produces, right?

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