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Have a done the adverbs correctly?

If you have not sung Karaoke yet, chances are you will have the chance real soon. Karaoke is a form of entertainment that is growing very rapidly in popularity. It started more than twenty years ago in a snack bar in Japan. Here is how it works, you request a song that a k-jay (a Karaoke dj) plays without the voice track (he or she has a special karaoke machine). Then the words to the song slowly scroll down a big screen as the sound track plays alone. You grasp the mike firmly, and the stage is yours. It does not matter how well or badly you sing; you are there to have fun. The idea is to sing loudly and throw oneself into the performance shamelessly. Then the audience gets into it with you, shouting encouragement and applauding wildly. Some karaoke bars are so popular.

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    Did you find the 20 adverbs in this paragraph? What are they?

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    I didn't know there were 20 I only changed 7 what are the others?rapidly,slowly,firmly,badly,loudly,

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    Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.

    They tell when, where, how, and to what extent.

    I'll get you started on the others: not, yet, real, soon

    Look up other words in a dictionary (Dictionary.com, for instance) to find the part of speech of other words.

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    I think I'm missing something here. The directions say all I need to do is, find the adverb error and I may also need to correct the verb the adverb modifies. Did I not do that? If not, how do I do this?

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    Thanks for clarifying your question.

    The only error I found was the use of "alone" instead of "along."

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    Help plz with week2 discussion 1

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    i found in this order from top to bottom really, rapidly, slowly, firmly, badly, loudly, shamelessly, wildly, can't. and i think i am missing one, sorry if i am to late

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