4th grade math

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how can thinking about 90 tens help you with 1901-297?

the last posted answer was no correct...it came home marked WRONG...please help!!??

  • 4th grade math -

    What was the correct answer?

    This reminds me of The Music Man.

  • 4th grade math -

    Are you sure you copied the problem correctly? Is it possibly 901 (not 1901)?

  • 4th grade math -

    it says 1901-297

    and there's another one...
    how could thinking about 200 tens help you find 2004-1559?

    i'm totally stumped...thanks for your help!

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    Your second question makes more sense.

    200 tens is 2,000.

    200 tens minus 150 tens = 50 tens = 500

  • 4th grade math -

    It said explain why seven times eight is not a nuber sentence.

  • 4th grade math -


  • 4th grade math -


  • 4th grade math -

    i am a two digit number .my tens digit is 4 more then my ones digit .if you multipil me by 5, the estimate product is 300 .what am i

  • 4th grade math -


  • 4th grade math -


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