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"The editors . . . break those sequences up into quick jagged shots that key us up and keep us hyper-alert . . . we look hard at the screen to take it in."


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    What are your choices?

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    -subject matter

    i have no idea what they mean? when i look them up, it tells me all these different deffinations...

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    Aesthetics has to do with beauty and how the mind and emotions react to it.

    Authenticity is being real and genuine.

    Universality means something is experienced by everyone or everywhere

    In my opinion, your quote is an example of aesthetics.

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    oh okay thanks alot!

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    You're welcome.

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    "The film's artistry cements Kaufman's status as a world-class screenwriter once and for all, erasing—or at least mitigating—memories of earlier scripts that didn't play out quite so well."


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    Isn't the keyword "artistry?"

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    i have no clue?

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