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Were all the alternatives possible?
Can you please tell me if everthing was OK? Thank you for your invaluable help.

1) In the summer I go on boat trips with my mum to see the whales and the dolphins. I keep a diary in which I include information about them.
2)I hope I'll be able to study them in the future.
3) I'm a sunny and true (better: faithful?) person. I like staying at home by myself.
4) I have many hobbies among which tennis, dance (dancing?), skiing and horse-riding.
5) As for food, I don't like spinach, peas or bananas but I like pizza and pasta.
6) In this paragraph I included only the first part of my student's profile. I'll write more in my next one.
7) In my free-time I like shooting with (?) my model gun.
8) I don't like wearing sweatpants (or tracksuit bottoms), shirts or sweaters.
9) I have an hour for lunch. How much time do you have for lunch?

  1. GuruBlue

    3. I think perhaps honest would be better than either true or faithful.

    4. Dancing
    5, comma after bananas

    8. sweatpants is fine

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